What even is deadstock anyway?

Here's the 4-11:

Deadstock is essentially fashion industry waste that would normally end up in landfill 💀💀💀


Our Deadstock tees / hats / sweats what ever, or also sometimes called NOS (New old stock) are 10 / 20 / 30 years old but never hit the shelf, so they still have tags on or have never been worn but are vintage. Old but new. 


Deadstock fabric is the same, but was never made into a garment. This is something we use in our in-house Byron made creations (think SNRKLBR bikinis, some Bruns Shop shorts, jumpers + tees). 


But why do we use deadstock and more importantly, why should you care??

The fashion industry chucks about 11 million tonnes of textiles into landfill every year (for perspective a car weighs about 1-3 tonne... your barina weighs about 1, your dads 4x4 is about 3).

We wanna help counter that by using that deadstock material and making it into epic items for our epic customers because when you know better, you should do better, right?


A couple blogs have taken a stance that deadstock = bad because some manufacturers now create excess to sell as 'deadstock'. Our sources are legit made in the 80s and 90s before all that yuckiness began. 


Fast fashion bad. Slow sustainable fashion good. 


Anyway, thank you for coming to our Ted talk.

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