🏍️ THE HARLEY STORY 🏍️ - The motorbike, the myth, the legend, the vintage t-shirt.

Story time boys + girls.

Get settled in, cos this one's a cracker.





Today’s story starts in a small shed in Milwaukee in the US of A in the early 1900s. Close your eyes and imagine it - William Harley and the Davidson brothers, Arthur and Walter, havin' a tinker, (probably) drinkin' a brew or two, drawing up plans and fitting a small engine on to a push bike. Their dreams of building their own motor-bicycle coming to fruition.


As with most things, their first model wasn’t the best. But like the determined entrepreneurs they were, they kept tinkering, changing and improving their machine until they had something they were pretty stoked about.


This first Harley-Davidson was listed in the Jan 1905 Automobile and Cycle Trade Journal and then boom! Four months later they were in production. The first year bikes were built by hand by the founders and they made five altogether (‘cos good things take time). Then in 1906 they moved in to their first factory and production went up by 1000%, aaaand really the rest is history. An icon in bikes (and in shirts), we love our Harleys here at the Bruns Shop.

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