101 d̶a̶l̶m̶a̶t̶i̶a̶n̶s̶

reasons to shop local.



1. Support a real person (who in turn supports other real people), not a multi-billion $$$ well-oiled retail machine.


2. Support creativity + innovation, support art + a vision!


3. Support sustainability. Local brands usually locally produce, supply and stock their items. Which means a waaaay smaller carbon footprint than those big guys.


4. Put money back in to the economy. Real people spending real money, paying real taxes.


5. Create more local jobs! This one is a no brainer. More small biz = more local jobs for you + I.


6. Get quality items over quantity. Items you can treasure forever rather than toss at the end of the season.


7. Support your community! Whether it be your country ('STRAYA), your state or even your city. Unity is everything, always.


8. Buy unique products, because we don't want to all be wearing the same things. Start your own trends! Dress for you!


9. It just feels damn good to support each other. So let's do more of it.


In saying that, THANK YOU AMIGOS, we love you and wouldn't be here without you.


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