We've moved - we have a new space which we know you'll love. Stock and Supply was started as a platform for independent Australian brands, and for a while there, we nailed it. We wanted to be bigger and better and sell more shirts than anybody else, and for a while there, we might have. But we felt like it was time for a change.

Stock and Supply is now The Bruns Shop. We've slowed it down a little now, we make most things ourselves, we still hand pick some independents you won't find anywhere else, as well as some select vintage pieces. They'll be alongside things on the racks that we have designed and made ourselves.

Although it was great to create a platform for others to sell their wares, the most incredible feeling came from the journey of creating something from scratch. Learning, researching, designing, doing the hard yards and creating.

The Bruns Shop is a collaboration between Myles (owner of Wanderers Co & Stock & Supply) and Laura (owner of SNRKLBR Swimwear and Myles’ heart).

The pair have teamed up to create a whole new venture we now call: The Bruns Shop. We found the most amazing space in an amazing beach side town named Brunswick Heads. I once read that when naming a brand cut all the frills, cut the bull shit, be as literal as possible, don't beat around the bush. Hence “The Bruns Shop”.

For all of those that supported Stock and Supply from day 1, especially Megan and Nick and all the other staff, THANKYOU!! You've made our dreams become a reality. The Bruns Shop is our new dream and we would love to bring you along for a little adventure with us.  

Myles & Laura


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