Hi Bruns Shoppers! 

I've often joked about a need for a page like this, but after dealing with a really overwhelming di*khead recently. I felt compelled to jot down a few points and publish just so T.N. knew how and why he was behaving like a di*khead and also why it isn't necessary or to be tolerated. 

First of all, we are a Small Business. We are not backed by shareholders. We are not sitting on high in a massive office surrounded by hundreds of under appreciated minions. We are currently a team of 4, two owners, two casual staff. 

Our point of difference is the fact that we are a small team, we offer interesting products that you won't find on every website. We don't stock products that are mass made and sold to thousands of customers, we sell pieces we have either produced ourselves, or vintage we have hand picked. 

Because of massive online stores that have massive budgets and massive margins, some di*kheads think that every online store should offer free shipping and free returns and sell everything on sale and reply to an email 1 second after it's been sent and some how control AusPost and make them deliver a package 1 minute after it has been ordered. 

But, those di*kheads are wrong. We are able to offer you these products that you can't get from the massive online stores, because we blah blah blah


To the di*kheads that think it's ok to hold Small Businesses ransom by threatening to leave bad reviews on social media and Google. Stop. You entitled di*khead. It's not ok. Just stop. Unfortunately, businesses can't review their customers. But we will be happy to review you on a special page set up just for you on our website. T.N. Looking at you mate. I also know my way around Paint pretty well, and will attach an appropriately defaced photo of you to our review. 

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