WWSC - Funky Bunch

WWSC - Funky Bunch

White Wash Surf Club
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The Funky Bunch

Not only is this the single greatest and super fun name to say but its actually a pre swell thread, its apart of the Vintage line, so that means it hangs loose feels heavy and makes you look like you've smoked a packet of smokes since you were 11 and had a beer in the other hand since 12. Sounds cool, it is.
Also, you shouldn't be smoking and drinking at that age, don't take this seriously I'm just trying to sell a new shirt, it's hard coming up with fresh phrases. Why do you care anyway? are you really reading this? just buy the shirt mate. 


  • Loose Fit
  • Heavyweight
  • Straight cut
  • Ribbed crew neck
  • 100% organic cotton + digital print
  • Made in Australia
  • Vintage Collection